Crochet baby blanket

When I was pregnant expecting Mafalda I made ​​her a crochet blanket in wool, because she would be born in the winter.

When I was pregnant with Teresa I made ​​her a quilt, because in the time between the two pregancies I learned to make quilts and I had made ​​quilts for other babies and so I really wanted to make a quilt for her.

Now that I’m pregnant again my hands pulled back to crochet, but this time I’m having a baby in the summer and instead of wool I decided to make the blanket in cotton.

The pattern is simple to make and can you easily find free tutorials on the internet. I chose to make a striped blanket and resisted the temptation to make it with granny squares or any variation on that theme, because I knew it would take me much longer and joining all the pieces would eventually be a job that would take me to much time and I do not have extra time to spend. Thus, this model proved to be a good choice because it was done in a blink of an eye.

The border of the blanket is very simple and it’s my favorite way to finish crochet blankets, two or three rows in single stiche, in different colors and it’s enough.

This is an easie and fast blanket to make to offer a baby. You can use the colors you want and just as many as you want. I used six colors: white, yellow, pink, lilac, gray and purple. But the blanket will be great in any color combination you chose to do.

And this is also a great project for busting all your yarn leftovers and turn them into a big blanket for you! For my this is another ptoject in my to do list!

Organizing Buttons

I have a strange obsession with buttons ever since I remember being me. My grandmother had a big box, like a huge cylindrical box filled with buttons, it was so heavy, and I lost hours taking all buttons out just to see them and review them, listening to the rattle of the buttons like a it was a magical symphony.

Later I ended up organizing them in boxes by color, this was pretty much when I began to suffer the first organization fevers!

Interestingly my grandmother’s buttons are not part of my legacy and I think they are my mother’s house. Which means that until very recently I had few buttons, only the ones that comes with new clothes as spare parts!

A little over a month ago I was contacted by a lady who was selling all haberdashery supplies from a family business (another closed store) and I ended up buying her, among other things, the buttons “leftovers” collected over the years.

And now I have a big “problem” in my hands! How will I organize in an efficiently way all my new buttons?! I searched on Pinterest and although the buttons on jars and jugs seduce me, I still find it a very effective solution for decoration but poor effective as a organizing method for a “seamstress”.

For now all they are divided by color as I keep seeking an effective solution for organizing them. I want to find a way that when I need to have a button I don’t have to empty the boxes and jars looking for a needle in a haystack.

And you? How you organize your buttons?

Always the most obvious solution! Recreate old cards where the buttons, springs and brackets were sewn. With a vintage style and loads of charm!

For me it works better than any other solution. This way I can have my buttons near my eyes, I know exactly what I have and how many I have, and I just have to choose fram one card.

Of course it takes time to sew the buttons on the cards, but it lets you organize them and sort them by color, shape and size, as you would found on an old vintage haberdashery!

E ficam tão lindos! É uma mariquice eu sei, mas eu, que sou tão obcecada por botões, não consigo para de olhar para eles, e tem sido melhor do que terapia coser os botões nos cartões, escolhe-los, juntá-los, organizá-los…

And they are so beautiful! Silly me! I know, but I’m so obsessed with buttons that I can not stop looking at them, and it has been better than therapy sewing the buttons on cards, choosing them, joining them, organizing them …

E porque me faz sorrir ver os meus botões vou partilhar os cartões contigo, para que os possas imprimir no conforto do teu lar e para que possas organizar os teus botões desta maneira. Aqui encontrarás um ficheiro .pdf com cerca de 9MB e 9 páginas de cartões. Tens 36 cartões diferentes para escolheres e usares na organização dos teus botões.

And because my button cards make me smile I’m sharing this cards with you so that you can print them in the comfort of your home and so you can organize your buttons this way. Here you will find a 9MB .pdf file with 9 pages of cards. You have 36 different cards to choose and use to organize your buttons.

E já sabes, quando acabares de organizar os teus botões tira-lhes uma bonita fotografia para partilhares comigo, e com quem me lê o teu trabalho!

And when you’re done organizing your buttons take them a beautiful picture to share with me, and with those who read me so we can admire your work!

Now get to work! Click the button to download my button cards!

button cards

Sewing for boys

I do not often work with boys motifs because arround here we only have a boy to indulge versus 6, soon 7, girls!

Still I like the challenge of leaving my comfort zone and make different things. It is also good to see my girls develop interest in crafts, wanting to help and participate in the gifts we make for our family.

This T-shirt is a teamwork efford shared by us: Teresa chose the color of the T-shirt without hesitation, I chose the applique design, Mafalda chose (with a little help) the fabric and helped cut them, also it was her who chose the buttons! The rest of the work was obviously mine.

Want to make a T-shirt like mine?Just click on the button below!

Alien Applique pattern

Waldorf Doll #1

I waited a long time to start this project, I’ve gather all the materials and ended a few projects still in progress so I could devote my time, my soul and my mind to this project. Today I am again a little girl :)

With so much play she ended up with a boo-boo on her arm. If there’s one thing I do like to do to check the strength of my work is to put them in the hands of Mafalda. This child was born with the destruction blessing and little resists her. Arms and hair must have reinforced seams is what we learned from our walk in the park:)

Children Backpack Pattern #3

Made to fit her taste, with colors, fabrics and applications chosen by her. It isn’t a school backpack because she is already too big for that. It is a jealousy backpack because I made two for Teresa (here) and she wanted one for herself. She is a girl who loves bags, little bags, big bags and all sorts of bags and she spends hours shoving everything in her bags and so I decided to make her will.

It took a long time to get ready, so long that I lost count of time and somewhere along the way I also lost enthusiasm I needed for ending it. Nothing that has not been resolved and that so here it is the backpack!

Wanna make one yourself? Try my pattern!

“Back to School” Backpack Pattern

20 weeks

20 weeks passed, 20 weeks left to go. So far so good and since I enter the second trimester I even forget I’m pregnant. If it wasn’t for my belly that occasionally colides with things and my little bean moving inside I swear I wouldn’t even remember I’m pregnant.

I’m calmer than the previous times though, stupid as it sounds, the idea of childbirth this time scare me more than the others, but I also know that is a typical concern of the second trimester and as soon as the time approaches, my concerns will disappear to make way for a happy anxiety.

I’m trying to take the most of this phase. I’m lucky to be able to live it for the third time, and although it is my desire to have more children, I do not know if life will allow, so I’m enjoying this pregnancy as if it was the last and taking full advantage of it.

And more than being curious to know the gender of the baby, I’m frankly desirous of knowing this little miracle to have it in my arms, to look in it’s eyes and smell it’s unique odor.

Crochet skirt

In Greek mythology, Penelope was the wife of Ulysses who went to the Trojan War and was absent for 20 years. As the absence of Ulysses was growing, Penelope’s father thought that his was dead and wanted his daughter to marry again, but Penelope believed that Ulysses was still alive and wanted to wait for his return,so she found a way to simultaneously satisfy her interests and her fathers. Penelope said to her father that she would marry again when finished weaving a shroud to offer to Ulysses father, and so she bagan weaving during day time for all to see, and at night, when she was alone she unweaved most of the woek she had made during the day, so that the shroud would never be done!

Sometimes I have projects that remind me of Penelope and her shroud! They just seems never to be right nor well made and so I’m always stichings or crocheting and them I just have to undo most os the work to try to make it right! And this projects just seem to take all the eternity to get done!

As this skirt that I fell in love as soon as I saw it in an Italian magazine that cost me a fortune! Although woolsare not the same the needle size is the same, which should make it somehow similar. Well, that didn’t happen!

I followed the instructions until I get enough of undoing my work and then decided to do it by eye, just my way of doing it!

Há aqueles projetos que dão gozo acabar e depois há aqueles projetos que quando estão acabados nos fazem sentir mais leves e levemente aliviadas.

Sobre esta saia já aqui tinha escrito. Foi desde o inicio um desafio e só a certeza de que ia valer a pena ver o resultado final me fez continuar. Desmachei e recomecei tantas vezes que lhe perdi a conta e várias vezes foi dada como pronta, mas depois houve sempre qualquer coisa que me fez voltar atrás e refazer. Acabou por não correr muito mal, afinal de contas foi feita em pouco mais de 6 meses!

Para agora ainda está um bocadinho grande mas é uma saia de verão e até lá estou mais do que certa que a Mafalda cresce o suficiente para a saia lhe servir na perfeição.

Não me sobrou vontade de fazer outra para a Teresa até porque adaptar novamente as medidas para uma saia mais pequena ia ser outro desafio, e de qualquer forma será inevitável que a Teresa quando chegar à idade da Mafalda acabe por a vestir também! Em vez disso resolvi aproveitar o algodão que sobrou para outro projeto de verão que tenho a certeza que vai fazer as delicias das pequenotas da familia. Mas isso é para outro dia!

Some projects makes us happy when they finally get done, and then there are projects that bring a huge relieve when they are finally done!

This project was a challenge from 1st stitch and only the certainty that it would be worth seeing the result made ​​me continue. I restarted it so many times that I lost count and several times it was pronouncedready, but then there was always something that made me go back and redo.

For now it’s still a little big for Mafalda to wear but it is a summer skirt and until then I am more than certain that she will grow enough to fit the skirt perfectly.

I do not feel like doing another one for Teresa. I would have to adapt the measures again for a shorter skirt and that would be another challenge, and anyway is inevitable that Teresa will weare this skirt when she reach the age ofMafalda! Instead I decided to use the cotton leftovers for another summer project that I’m sure will make the delightsof the little girls of my family. But that’s for another day!

Rapunzel or Little red Riding Hood

This year I promised myself that Carnival would have less stress. Of course for that to happen I have to realize a few months in advance what costumes will the girls want to wear. And of course, do not go on adventures to make an equal costume for me.

This year I managed Mafalda ti pick her cosyume in early January, after the holidays were over. Of course she was still on the wave of Rapunzel and this was her choice. For Teresa I had not thought of doing anything, because I still have a clown suit I made for Mafalda when she was the same age, but being a true democrat Mafalda thought that if I was going to make her a new costume I had to make a new one for her sister. Sweet fraternal solidarity.

The choice of Little Red Riding Hood was mine though Teresa liked the idea. Actually I didn’t want to make another princess costume and I realizes that I had never done any character from a children’s folktale.

Materials gathered the rest was more or less improvised. Funny that things keep get easier each time we are making them. This time I found myself changing the Rapunzel’s dress pattern with ease and without hesitation, and more, I found myself thinking that the instructions lead to an absurd waste of time and unnecessarily complicated sewing!

This Rapunzel costume is more like a princess version rather than inspired on the Tangled (movie) made by Disney. I’ve tryed to find purple fabrics rather than this lilac, I didn’t found any compatible materials so I had to go with lilac as it is. The original pattern has an organza overskirt that I’ve decided to keep, because I thought Mafalda would really like it, although I used a carnival tulle with golden touches. The bodice of the dress was made of crystal velvet to be warmer and the sleeves were made of satin for the same reason. I used eyeletson on the bodice of the dress and it was a pleasant surprise because for the first time I managed to make it perfect, but for some reason less clear, this was also the first time I remembered to use a hammer to help in the process!

Mafalda was very proud of the braid and I think it would be enough for her to wear the big yellow braid and the flowers. The pity is that she and her little school friends manage to almost drestroy it. It looked like my hair when I wake up!

Teresa costume was made more by intuition. For the skirt I used the simplest circular skirt overlapped with the elastic, no extra seams, though to use less fabric I had cut two pieces of fabric instead of one. I made a red tulle skirt but I hadn’t enough tulle to lift the skirt as I wanted, but still helped compose the set.

The hood was done very intuitively and used a crystal velvet to do so. Has linen and It closes with a lace in the front. The apron was a treat! For the upper side I did not do anything, I dressed Teresa with her clothes just to make sure she kept warmer because Carnival here is in the Winter and we were on the day before playing in the snow! Teresa is always very supportive when it comes to taking pictures and never says no, never runs away stays in the positions I ask her to stay, but almost never I get her to smile when she knows I’m taking pictures. So this should be the Little Red Riding Hood when comes home to her mother after being eaten by the wolf!


There’s a noticeable absence felt in this blog. You who came here every day have not found anything that you have not already seen, which is quite boring. I know.

It’s not that I’ve been taking a break, it’s not that I’ve lost the desire to share, I havent’t changed my goal or my purpuse. Nothing like that.

For everything here remains the same, with only a small change that is growing our way, a little big change that is my little big excuse for all this blog absence.

Now we just have to wait to see if this year color will remain pink or if we will finally change our color to blue!

Tooth Fairy #1

After her 5th birthday her first tooth began to wag. Two months later the tooth has finnaly fallen, for her great joy, and now she proudly boasts an empty space where once had a small tooth. More proudly yet because the new tooth has started to rise, it was behind the old one and not underneath as expected. So tonight she left the tooth under her pillow and when she woke up this morning she found a bag full of coins!

During these two months I has time to prepared the ideal place to keep her teeth and create a memory that later she can give value.

The first thing I did was a fairy doll and her cloths in the colors Mafalda choosed, and more than out of my imagination, this litle fairy was totally born out of my hands, has I made it without plan or pattern. I then made a record card to record the day each tooth falls in the same way I’ve recorded the days on which each tooth was born.

And it seemed to me that the set was not complete and so I made a kind of sleeping bag for the little fairy to rest while she waits patiently for the other teeth to fall.

Mafalda still only saw the fairy and took a lot of exercise to keep her away from the doll has she insists on taking the doll to bed with her. Today she will have a big surprise when she finally sees the final result!